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GFS Camp Recap With Laurent De Martin

(Photo: Mathieu Tranchida)

After taking a breather from skiing for a few weeks, Laurent De Martin went to Tignes, France for the GFS Camp. This was the third time GFS organized a Swiss week at the camp - inviting a few different Swiss pro riders to come shred alongside the kids. Laurent never travels alone - bringing along Remco Kayser, Level 1's Superunknown 2k18 winner, and his filmer and best friend Mustafa Ceylan.

(Photos: Mathieu Tranchida)

With a solid snowpack, the glacier looked really fun for a week of camp riding.

(Photos: Mathieu Tranchida)

Thirty-five kids came out to GFS Camp this year to shred and have fun with the crew!  Laurent comments on his time at camp this year, "It’s always a good time out there. Fun park and really cool activities to do off the mountain like the waterslide to jump. Everyone was sending it on skis and outside all week long."

Indeed, Tignes is a beautiful place at 2100m with many different sporting activities around the lake. (Photos: Mathieu Tranchida)

(Photo: Mathieu Tranchida)

On the last day, the camp put on a little competition judged by the coaches. Everyone was sending it with the new bag of tricks they learned throughout the week. Laurent really enjoyed being a part of GFS Camp commenting on the final day "It was a battle between all the riders, everyone was having a great time and was receiving prizes throughout the day."

(Photo: Mathieu Tranchida)

- Big thanks go out to GFS Camp (@gfscamps) for having us for such an awesome week! See you next year!

- Photos: Mathieu Tranchida (@mathieutranchida)

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