Sunday Reading: Laurent De Martin X 7Peaks Riverstyle 2018 Recap

7Peaks is a group of Swiss brew-masters who said “What the hell? We like skiing and we like beer. Lets set up this event where we drink beer and watch people launch their bodies clear across this river and at the end giveaway some money to the dude going the biggest. 10 percent rule obviously applies”. Thus 7Peaks Riverstyle was born, simple as that.

Photos: Ruedi Flück (@rueeedi) and 7Peaks Riverstyle (@7peaks_riverstyle)

7Peaks Riverstyle is a two-day big air competition right smack in the middle of the village of Morgins right on the western border of Switzerland. The newest addition to the 686 team, Laurent De Martin (above), was tasked with gathering a team of pro skiers to compete against fellow Swiss Pro Skier Camilla Berra’s team.

The event was thrown a bit of a curveball as Mother Nature dumped snow up to their eyeballs postponing the competition one day. Laurent kept himself busy for the down day lapping Les Crosets Snowpark with local kids keeping excitement high and showing them the ropes. Some speculate that he may have just been scouting for young talent to get the upper hand for upcoming years. With nightfall came clear skies and the event was on. I’ll spare you more words just go watch the video up top of the page.



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