Sessions with Sarge

Sessions with Sarge was born out of our current collective state during the shelter-in-place orders brought upon by the outbreak of COVID-19. 686 Team Manager Patrick McCarthy has been touching base with 686 team riders and industry veterans to get their perspective on their personal quarantine living experiences and continually evolving routines during these times.

A note from 686 Team Manager Patrick McCarthy aka "The Sarge":

"It’s been great to check in and see how each person is processing all of this differently as well as providing the riders and guests a therapeutic way to address what they are going through. Learning how other people are dealing with this differently and how they are adjusting gives us a better concept of how we are not alone in these times. Although we all come from different backgrounds, environments and cultures, we each have our own way of interpreting this volatile time. This is really just a simple way to show that we are all different but dealing with the same issues and seeing how we process it individually and together."

"Catching up with Gigi was so cool. We were even able to get a full tour of his home compound in Austria. Gigi gave us insight on his bee keeping, his private skatepark, balancing fatherhood and teaching his kids while in quarantine. Gigi’s approach to life and snowboarding is legendary."

"Hana brings us along on her journey through the season. She talked about some of the high profile events like Travis Rice’s Supernatural and the Kings & Queens of Corbet’s Couloir. We discussed how she keeps motivated and is dealing with life at home during the pandemic and what precautions she is taking to feel comfortable during these turbulent times."

"I loved my conversation with Victor Daviet, learning how diversified his pro snowboarder schedule and work load is. From hosting and coordinating avalanche courses to benefit the people in France and Austria to filming with Gigi for the new Pirates project as well as making Genepie from his home valley in France."

"Gus gave us a look into the Warbington farm in Tumalo, Oregon where they raise sheep, horses, ducks, geese, etc. He also talked about what helped him and his brother become two of the best snowboarders to ever come out of Mt. Bachelor."

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