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Introducing GLCR Advocate - Jen Callahan

From competitive Freeride skiing to leading rock climbing adventures, 25 year old from Virginia City, Nevada ,Jen Callahan, lives a diverse life that puts her in conditions. We are excited to make Jen a part of 686 and the GLCR Project.  How long have you been skiing and climbing? I've been skiing for 20 years and climbing for 8 years. What got you into the activities? I started skiing under instruction from my dad who is a retired ski racer. He would build jumps in the front yard that I would hit while wearing a bathing suit in the spring after all the resorts would close. The neighbors complained about that. Started skiing more seriously in 2010 due to an amazing winter...

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Introducing GLCR Advocate - Rachel Lawlis

Photojournalist and backpacker extraordinaire Rachel Lawlis stands out from the crowd. From Breckenridge, Colorado, Rachel is only 23 years old sending herself into the wild adventures of the unknown and capturing epic moments with her camera always on her side. We are pleased to welcome Rachel to the GLCR Project. How long have you been snowboarding/shooting photos/video? I have been boarding for about 10 years and started shooting photos and videos six years ago. Are you working on any interesting projects or have any trips coming up? I'm always planning trips around the world and across the U.S.; it's kind of an addiction. Every year, my friends and I pick a National Park and go backpacking for 1-2 weeks. This...

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Introducing GLCR Advocate - Alex Rozman

Alex Rozman is a 21 year old photographer from Minneapolis, Minnesota with a unique point of view. Adventurous and determined, Alex continues to test the limits of his capabilities through hiking trips and outdoor adventures. We are excited to announce Alex as an addition to the 686 family and the GLCR Project.   How long have you been shooting photos/video? I've been taking pictures and videos for a few years now, but I really became passionate about it when I bought my Sony a6000 about a year ago. What got you into what you're doing? I've always loved outdoor adventures ever since going to summer camp when I was 10, but moving to Boulder, Colorado for school has really deepened...

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Mary Rand's Ride Day at Steven's Pass

Rain pours from dense Northwest clouds and cascades a symphony of melodic taps across the cabin roof. Conditions that make for an anxious ride to the mountain as that precipitation is inevitably snow in the higher elevations. It's perfect for a day built around the reasons why we started snowboarding in the first place. March 3rd, 2017 686 and Steven's Pass hosted Mary Rand's Ride Day. Mary has been riding at Steven's the past four seasons and with her recent addition to the 686 team, she decided to celebrate by spreading her joy of riding at her home mountain. With a the grill fired up Mary, Melissa Evans, Danika Duffy and others served food and took laps with the always upbeat crowd drawn to the...

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Matt Belzile’s Playlist

Matt Belzile, you may be familiar with him from his "Man Boys" parts over the past couple years. Take a listen and get inside our resident Poutine loving Canadian's headphones when he's out there raising hell in the BC backcountry.  Pink Floyd - "Wish You Were Here" Faces - "Oh La La" Chris Isaak - "Wicked Game" Billy Joel - "Piano Man" David Bowie - "Rock N Roll Suicide" David Bowie - "Starman" Gold & Youth - "Time To Kill"  Starfucker - "Isabella of Castile" Post Malone - "Go Flex" College - "I Think About It" Young M.A. - "OOOUUU"  

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