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GLCR by 686 Avalanche Awareness Weekend

En Lew of the recent airbag craze we tend to forget while these airbags are devised to save lives they are only a last line of defense between snow-goers having the day of their lives and being buried alive or worse dead. For the Whistler snowboarder who deployed his electronic airbag pack, as an avalanche swept him downhill, life very well could have been saved by this devise. Truth is, most of the time it takes a multitude of poor compounding decisions for you to end up in these situations and education is the best way to know before you leave the parking lot if you should make your way out of bounds or just stick to the resort for...

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Notes, Rants & Ravings From The Freeride World Tour: Chamonix Mont Blanc

Sammy Luebke, the guy from Lake Tahoe California, is forging his way towards legendry in the ranks of the Swatch Freeride World Tour. In 2016 he was crowned Freeride World Tour Champion so you know lots of press, champagne, parties, parades, awards, endorsements, late night television interviews, visits to the White House just the usual things champions have to deal with. I may have embellished some of that a bit but the dude got to this point from charging the gnarliest lines he could find as he fought the urge to succumb to his jet lag. The Tour's schedule is tough, the terrain is tougher and this year Sammy is taking you straight to the front lines of his 2017 campaign to defend his World Tour title....

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Mic'd Up with Patrick McCarthy at the Legendardy Banked Slalom

Our bold and resolute demigod of the Northwest yields no duplicate. Pat McCarthy he's been with us for over a decade, first as a pro rider and now as Team Manager. He's many things, an amazing snowboarder, an ambassador to the Pacific Northwest, a husband and a father to name a few. Not many can paint such masterful sentences chocked-full of hype like he can. A year to the week of the 31st Legendary Banked Slalom at Mt. Baker we decided to pay tribute to this modern day renaissance man we are proud to call our friend. Take a listen and take notes.  

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