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Forest Bailey: "I WONT BE LONG"

Forest Bailey is much more than just a snowboarder. He is an artist, a skateboarder, a human, and designer. He morphed all these talents together to create the Dojo Collection. It started with a perfectly fitting wider silhouette pant and has grown to add bib pants and a jacket that tops either off with similar style. Don't sleep on his mitts either.

Last season Forest put his Dojo’s to work and filmed a solo project for 686 and partnered with Torment mag called, “I WON’T BE LONG.” A few powder filled days at Mt Baker were backed up with three big urban trips to Seattle, Pittsburgh, and Helsinki. Editor to the stars Jon Stark pieced everything together according to Forest’s creative vision and an instant classic was born. After premiers in Downtown Los Angeles and Portland that pulled double duty as an art show spotlighting Forest’s artwork as well as his Dojo Collection the film is now up for your viewing pleasure.

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Here was Harrison Gordon’s take on the movie in his premiere recap for Torment Mag:

"The entire six minutes and 30 seconds was a treat for the eyes and ears. Parrish Isaacs, Tobbe Tiasanen, and Jon Stark slaughtered it behind their lenses and Forest more than kept up his end with an unwavering display of technical and stylish board mastery. Banger front lead/follow cam action, tasteful lines, and, of course, creative, and intentional spot and trick selection is what you can count on seeing when the video drops."

Dojo Pant

Harrison also touched on the creative legacy that Forest has been building throughout his boarding career.

“Between FS/BS, Quiet, and now, I WON’T BE LONG, I’d dare to say that Forest, along with his creative counterparts, has made some of the most consistently memorable solo online performances of anybody out there. It’s not an easy task to remain inspired, and sometimes it can get increasingly difficult when it’s just you and a filmer. As you will see in I WON’T BE LONG, Forest is not one to shy away from a challenge and he seems to effortlessly evolve with each and every season as a pro snowboarder, artist, and overall human.”

So should you watch I WON’T BE LONG? You mean you haven’t already hit play!!! Get inspired and get weird out there this winter in some Dojo.

Written by: SAYER