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Now Playing: Mountain Vibes Playlist with Darrah Reid-McLean

Team Rider Darrah Reid-McLean sent us over a playlist of the tracks she's been vibing to both on and off the hill in the mountains. If you're in the market for some new tunes, we think this is a great place to start. Take a listen to Darrah's playlists and if you like what you're hearing follow it and take it with you wherever you go on your next adventure. If you're interested in listening to more playlists curated by the 686 team, check out our Spotify Channel!  Photo: @_lemay & @kingsnowmag

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The Anything Multi Pant with Founder Michael Akira West

We caught up with 686 founder Michael Akira West to pick his mind on the recent product addition to our Multi Collection – The Anything Multi Pant – a do-anything go-anywhere packable pant available in a Modern Loose Fit.  Q: Where did the idea for creating a new everyday Multi Pant come from? Mike West: With the Anything Multi Pant, we set out to make the modern Anti-Cargo Cargo Pant. We wanted a pant that offered all the functionality and storage you get from a standard cargo but designed with seamless pockets and hidden features for a much more streamlined look that we would want to wear. The Anything Multi Pant is a highly functional do-anything pant that offers our...

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Jared McDaniel Full Part - Pay The Rent 2

One of the happiest guys we know Mr. Jared McDaniel dropped his full part from Pay the Rent 2. Watch Jared come out swinging as he absolutely crushes it in the street from Washington to Wisconsin and back home to California. 

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10 Reasons Why You Should Be Riding With Hydrastash®

 Do you really want to stop riding ‍‍‍when you are having an awesome day on the mountain? We didn't either, and that is precisely what led to the development of Hydrastash®. We were confident there was a better way to hydrate during activity without the use of‍‍‍ a hydration pack or water bottle. Take these as you may, but here are 10 reasons why we think you should be riding with Hydrastash® this season.   1. NO BACKPACKS If you use a hydration backpack to carry water on the mountain, you're well aware of its additional weight and bulk as well as its propensity to throw you off balance. If this is you, we might have your solution. Hydrastash® provides the on-demand hydration...

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Laurent De Martin 2018 Season Edit

Our favorite Swiss skier, Laurent De Martin, recently pieced together a 2018 highlight reel with all of his footage shot by Level 1 Productions from their latest film, Zig Zag. Watch LDM as he showcases his unmatched style and riding versatility in the park, on the streets, and in the powdery backcountry.   Footage Courtesy of Level 1 Edited by Titouan Bessire

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