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Sterph for 686

"Well, you can do a hundred different boardslides a hundred ways if you just sit down and think it out real quick." - Stephon "Sterph" Deifer Some heat from Sterph. Filmed by Cody Holmes at Woodward Copper.  Read Sterph's Interview here.

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The SK Interview

  I first met SK through Russell Winfield. Russ connected us and said, “If you want to find the passionate guy who goes all out and spreads the right vibe, check out SK.” Soon enough we were in contact sharing stories about progression and his ways to give back and inspire the youth in the New Brunswick area. Knowing that Big Snow American Dream was beginning to blow up, he became the perfect addition to 686. Every rider and group that would roll through Big Snow gravitated to the infectious energy SK radiates and always reported back simply, “SK is the man.” He just brings his hype and energy to every encounter. “Keep inspiring people to get into the mountains...

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