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The Fabric of Us: Ch.04 Crinkled Nylon

Give your outdoors apparel a high fashion influenced update with our versatile crinkled nylon. It’s made up of 100% nylon, yet the permanent crinkle gives the fabric a visual depth and unique texture that makes for a visually appealing look on body. The nylon itself is lightweight, quick drying, and pliable with all the durability that makes pure nylon a favorite for outdoor gear.

"Fabric Makeup: 100% NYLON"

This highly technical fabric is characterized by a slight metallic sheen and a crisp hand-feel. Post-submersion the feel noticeably softens, but when dry the fabric crinkles back to its original state. Additionally, its sturdiness and washability make it ideal for use in water adjacent activities. Let’s talk about the crinkle. Will it wash out? Our lead Everywear designer Tri answers:

"The crinkle comes from the actual yarn itself; it’s just spun that way. So, it gives a little crinkle when it's woven together, slight dimples so your fabric doesn't look as flat. It has many highs and lows so there’s a lot of depth versus something like a poplin that is flatter. Its three-dimensional look gives you a much more pronounced visual.”

So, don’t worry… you won’t lose your crinkle on the trail. Pure nylon has many great properties, but not a lot of give because we didn’t want to add spandex to this textile. To compensate for the lack of stretch our designers focused on looser, ergonomic fits when working with this fabric. Tri adds, “That's why for these types of silhouettes, we made them baggier to accommodate perfectly for high movement activities.”

Functionally then, where does crinkled nylon excel? “It’s durability for sure,” Tri says when asked about its best attribute, “and the fact that it's quite lightweight for its strength. “Because it's textured, dimension is created and that gives the fabric a very elevated look.”That’s a brief introduction to our new crinkled nylon fabric. Now it’s your turn to finish the story. It’s built to go everywhere, but where will you take it?

Written by: Sayer
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