COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 is real and we’re all dealing with it in our own ways. Our position at 686 is to continually move forward in best practices with the mindset that our community comes first.
Running an independent small business for the past 28 years has taught us to continually persevere in the most interesting times. This determination to do good and help others is at the top of our list. We are striving to create safety in our business, through our products, and by providing online safe spaces for our community to discuss their thoughts, emotions, and feelings and continue to uplift each other through this.
What we’re doing:
  • We continue to promote social distancing throughout our headquarters, with a small portion of our staff in the office as necessary and the remainder of our staff continuing to work remotely. 
  • Our customer service will continue to operate remotely and will function as normal, but if you do experience any issues, please be mindful of the person on the other end. 
  • Our e-commerce store is opening and shipping under best safe practice and responsibility guidelines.
  • Our professional team of skiers and snowboarders ended their respective seasons early to ensure they stayed injury-free and out of the hospital during the initial outbreak, when every hospital bed and staff member needs to be considered. They will be resuming their skiing and snowboarding leading into next year, while adhering to the guidelines set forth by their local resorts. 
  • We are committed to continual support of our staff, athletes, and partners as we work together as a global community.
The positive thing that everyone is going through this and everyone also has the power to get past this. When it’s all said and done, it will prove that we can overcome anything.
The 686 family of employees, reps, distributors, retailers, athletes, testers, ambassadors and suppliers thank you for the continued support.